The Fundraising Future is Now With FundCru

There is no doubting that fundraising is a great thing and helps out several worthwhile causes each and every day. However, the traditional way of fundraising (both on and offline) just simply isn’t cutting it anymore as there are several limitations being experienced. Problems include inefficient methods, a huge reliance on donations and the fact that operating costs for a fundraiser can be large.

However, that is all about to change with the introduction of FundCru. FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that funds causes through both direct donations (like traditional fundraisers), but also through purchasing gift cards, vouchers or coupons from onboard merchants. Essentially, companies/merchants will partner or be associated with different fundraisers, and individuals will support those fundraisers by making purchases from the merchants.

Their ICO begins on December 5th 2017 and will end Jaunuary 18th 2018, or whenever the tokens are sold out. It is approximately $1 USD per FUND token, and Ethereum is accepted. The funds raised from their ICO will be used as follows: 50% will go towards product development, 25% to marketing, 20% towards operations and 5% to legal and administrative costs. On top of being a way to invest in FundCru, these FUND tokens will also be an accepted form of donation on the platform, so these tokens will have a range of different uses.

With a brief knowledge of FundCru and their ICO under your belts, let’s dig a little deeper into this company and what they plan on doing. FundCru is a fundraising platform that is at the crossroads of the multi-billion dollar gift card and fundraising industries. On FundCru, people will be able to support their favorite causes in a number of ways including purchasing from merchants, direct donations and even through promoting and sharing on social media.

This platform is aiming to be the perfect solution for the needs of fundraisers, supporters and merchants alike. For fundraisers, it provides a simple and secure way to create and host your fundraising campaigns and allow you to specify every detail about your campaign, even down to what kind of donations/currency you accept. Also, there is no platform fee for fundraisers which is a great thing.

For merchants, it provides a good way to not only reach new customers, but also provides a connection between supporters and merchants thanks to the fundraising capabilities. A person is more likely to purchase from a merchant who supports a similar cause as they do, as opposed to just giving money in a lifeless transaction. Basically, every sale a merchant makes on Fundru, 25% of the total sale will be sent to the fundraiser, so everyone wins from the fundraiser, to the merchant to the supporters. They all have their own important role in the ecosystem of FundCru and each have their own benefits that most (if not all) traditional fundraising methods simply cannot provide.

Together, this means FundCru has the potential to not only be huge in the fundraising industry, but also in the coupon/gift card industries. By bringing these industries together, FundCru is creating a new category and already has some impressive partners in their business such as State Farm, T-Mobile and many others.

In addition to the platform being impressive, so is the team behind it. The team is led by CEO Duc Pham and CMO Patricia Wilson. Pham has been an entrepreneur in the crypto space for more than 15 years and has had a company he founded (Vormetric) get acquired for $400 million. In addition to being a successful businesswoman and former CEO of Make-a-Wish, Patricia Wilson is all about focusing on social responsibility. She gets worldwide recognition for her abilities to develop an amazing team and foster a ton of community engagement. She is also the subject of an upcoming feature film about her life and story, starring Julia Roberts.

Their team also consists of several extremely intelligent and talented people from schools such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and others. These individuals specialize in everything from development, to security, to programming, to math and so much more. So from top to bottom, their team is fully capable and motivated to make this platform the gold standard for the fundraising industry going forward.

So this all sounds great, but when can you expect this new and exciting platform to be up and running? Well, according to their roadmap on their website, they are planning to have the Product Launch 1.0 in the 3rd quarter of 2018 and the 2.0 launch near the end of 2018.

In conclusion, FundCru has the potential to change how people fundraise forever. They give supporters, fundraisers and merchants many different options at their disposal and are bringing fundraising into the 21st century. Whether you want to host a campaign, help out a campaign, or a bit of both, FundCru will be perfect for you.