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The Best Crypto and Bitcoin Debit Cards

Monterey transactions happen every day, all day. Included in this hustle and bustle are debit card operations. Not only are fiat currencies are using such cards but also cryptocurrencies nowadays. If you are in the market for a fast way to make purchases with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, check out the best cards to go about it.


If you happen to be a U.S. resident, feel free to use this card. If not, sorry, you are out of luck. Accepted worldwide, Bitpay is widely recognized as an industry leader among Bitcoin debit cards. Furthermore, you can load up on a prepaid Visa directly connected to your Bitpay. Go along shopping and trading with Bitpay – one of the best crypto debit cards.

Of course, it is not full of incentives, so there is a $9.95 flat rate one-time fee upon purchase. Moreover, search their website for a complete, exhaustive list of their fees. As an example, be prepared for $3 fees for cash-back or ATM withdrawals outside the United States and $2 cash withdrawal fees within the country.


The largest competitor of Bitpay, Cryptopay provides free delivery, worldwide. In addition, pin and chip version of the debit card are readily available anywhere major cards are accepted. To start, the card costs $15 and is dedicated to a $1 monthly service fee. Other than that, there are miniscule third-party and loading fees, you can check out more at the link above.

It is recommended to verify your Cryptopay account, so you can have more than $2,500 loaded on the card at any given moment. Similarly, if you are using it for small, personal uses, then that might not be as necessary. If you are in a pinch and cannot afford delivery in hard-to-reach places, we suggest you order a CryptoPay debit card.


Within Europe, Xapo stands to be the select debit card among cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, it is not available to use in the United States. Originating in Argentina, its fame sprouted from partnering with Uber. At the time, some credit card companies did not want to be a payment option in Uber’s app. In turn, Uber and Xapo teamed up to make headway into Argentina’s drive-share market together.

Xapo comes in a convenient, tangible form. Although the first year comes completely free of fees, it is $12 annually to use this debit card. Check to make sure your country is allowed to have this debit card before committing to purchase it. You would not want to checkout with it just to find out your country does not approve of Xapo.


Formerly known as E-coin, this top of the line debit card comes with both pros and cons to it. Putting the negatives first, it is a fairly pricey $17 card. The fees are 3% for international transactions and $2.5 for retrieving cash from ATMs. Expect a monthly reoccurring fee of $1 for Wirex.

On a brighter note, a virtual card is obtainable if purchasing a physical debit card is out of your budget. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, feel free to take your digital transactions wherever you are. Both the user design and experience are commended to have a beautiful layout and functionality. When an app is easy to use like Wirex for your blockchain based payments, your day does not get much better than that.


Have a need for speed? Bitwala provides SEPA and SWIFT transfers, making it arguably the fastest crypto debit card on the market. It boasts low 0.5% transactions fees. Overall, their customer satisfaction rates are great. Of course, there a couple of outlying reviews who do not feel satisfied, but that goes with any review of a business.

Major alt coins and Bitcoins are recognized by Bitwala. Take note, you need verify yourself before being able to use their service. U.S. citizens are not allowed to partake in this debit card, but it has gained immense support from 20 other fiat currencies around the globe.


Specifically, for Bitcoin transactions, SpectroCoin connects to your unique wallet address instead of a bank account. You can truly spend at any store that accepts payments via VISA or MasterCard. Plus, it is quite affordable – $0.50 for digital cards and $9 for real cards with free shipping to your home address.

Unlike many of its competitors, SpectroCoin does not require a verification process before being able to use their card. In case you opt in for SpectroCoin’s verification, there are not any limits for ATM withdrawals – just complete freedom.


Before you go out and purchase a debit cards designed for cryptocurrency transactions, make sure they are compatible with your country, local and online shops, and recognized with many positive reviews. Utilizing blockchain technology for everyday purchases can be easy as connecting with a top-tier Bitcoin or crypto debit card.