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The AI-Driven Rideshare Application- DRIVR

Blockchain technology is extending its tentacles to the transportation industry for reshaping it. The decentralized, shared ledger technology is designed mainly to transform business operations. Since the first transaction using blockchain technology was carried out, it got a wide acceptance in the financial market, and it slowly entered various other sectors. DRIVR Network is the new addition to the industry aimed at revolutionizing the transportation sector. The transportation industry has always been a critical space within the supply chain market, and with the effective implementation of blockchain technology, things are going to change rapidly.

The objective of DRIVR

DRIVR Network is an Ethereum powered platform focusing on offering transportation services using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

We are quite familiar with rideshare applications like Uber and Lyft, the successful key market players offering transportation services to the public. However, currently, these applications accept only fiat currencies as payment. DRIVR aims at providing similar services by creating a real community of DRIVR’s who control the network from the road up. But, it is unique as it not only offers a platform that accepts common currency, but also accepts DRIVR coins.

The DRIVR network combines AI with blockchain technology and will run with a decentralized system that allows users to enjoy the service privately and securely. The use of blockchain technology helps in enabling the network to make the rates much cheaper than other competitors.

About the ICO

The private pre-sale ICO by the DRIVR network already started on February 6th and is a unique way of attracting non-equity revenue through crowdfunding. The first stage of investment is open to all, but once the ICO begins, only non-US citizens can take part in the pre-ICO and ICO activities. As per the nature of the ICO, you need to check country restrictions if any. Ethereum ERC20 token – is the platform for issuing cryptocurrency tokens and carrying forward with crowdfunding campaigns.

The DRIVR network token shall be the mode of payment option or exchange for transactions along with fiat currencies. The size of the pre-ICO offering, private-sale offering size, and main ICO offering size are 10,000 ETH, 10,000 ETH, and 12,500 ETH respectively.

The exchange listing and the main ICO launch will happen during March, whereas the app launch, listing in Coinmarketcap, and the soft launch of the app in ten cities will take place in April. After May, the wallet release and DRIVR card launch will happen, and then the expansion phase will continue. The funds received from the ICO will be utilized to begin and stabilize the DRIVR network itself. The network also has a plan to invest in self-driving cards that gives passengers an opportunity to ride with full confidence.

Business potential/expectation

The DRIVR network is an initiative to make ridesharing a global phenomenon by redefining it in a way that is beneficial to all those who are part of the process. The whole network is going to be artificial intelligence driven. DRIVR offers a rideshare framework designed to provide intelligence to smart cars and overcoming risks on the roads with sensor data fusion, cloud intelligence, machine learning, camera-based vision systems, and much more. With any rideshare application, safety is the top concern of the passengers, especially women. DRIVR has various safety features like emergency buttons that send alerts directly to the police. Some of the other interesting features are:

  • DRIVR real-time tracking
  • Security notification to pre-saved contacts of passengers
  • Option to pay via DRIVR token apart from fiat currencies

The DRIVR network card is another significant launch, and it can be used by both drivers and passengers. The card will utilize the fiat currency, Bitcoin, and DRIVR token transactions in the future. The cardholders will also be eligible for many loyalty programs so that they can earn free rides and other offers. The concept is going to revolutionize the rideshare market.

Rideshare to be revolutionized with DRIVR

The new startup DRIVR network is expected to shake things up and transform the industry in the way we view and experience the ridesharing services. Though we saw a massive rise in the rideshare industry with several top players ruling the industry, there are a myriad of problems that reduce the benefits of these applications.

While companies like UBER offer excellent ridesharing services, both drivers and passengers have complaints about getting ripped off by the algorithm and policies. During the show, passengers finally end up paying exorbitant rates for services, and drivers end up not getting what is due to them. This is the present market situation, and this is precisely what DRIVR is setting to correct by using AI and blockchain technology.

Unlike big players like UBER who takes a dominant share of the drive from the driver’s hard work, DRIVR works based on a fair deal. For example, drivers will be able to set their own rates, which gives more control over their earnings. However, the rate will still be low for the passengers as the platform takes only a small percentage form the driver’s share which is a win-win situation for everyone.

People behind the project

The founders of this wonderful concept are Mr. David Lander and James Kaminski, the co-founder. Apart from these two, there are eight other members of the team who build, design, develop, and promote the DRIVR brand. However, the team does have some unverified members, and as per the official communique, and the unverified members will never be permanent members of the team.


DRIVR is a unique and forward-thinking rideshare platform that functions with the safety of passengers in mind. The platform has a vision of providing services with cutting-edge artificial intelligence powered systems and mobile-friendly user interface.

DRIVR is all set to offer and deliver the most pleasant and budget-friendly riding experience to its users. The new generation blockchain powered startup is all set to disrupt the already existing rideshare companies with its unique set of services. It is a promise for the future, with great positive vision.