P2PS – Blockchain Communication Platform

If you were to poll the public about what they think the biggest technological issue out there today, many would say privacy. With so much of our lives and information being stored online, in the cloud or in our phones, having high levels of privacy is very important.

And while things are being done to keep our information private, they don’t always work. In the past few years there have been several different huge data breaches that have leaked the private and sensitive information of hundreds of millions of different people.

Also, with how much private information we send over email messages or online chats, it is imperative that those exchanges are private. While they are to a certain degree, they are still able to be victimized by hackers or those looking to steal your information.

So with privacy (especially when dealing with communicating and sharing information with others) being such a huge deal in 2018 and beyond, something needs to be done. Well, one company is trying to provide that 100% private and safe system for you to exchange files, personal information and messages with others.

They are called the P2P Solutions Foundation and have the ultimate goal of creating a system for individuals to exchange confidential and digital assets with others that will have no third party interference at all. They are the first ever blockchain-based, secure and interference free communication platform. It is designed for anyone who needs to store or exchange data such as medical records, banking data and other private or sensitive information.

In order to participate in the P2P platform, you need to be an owner of the P2PS crypto-token. This token will assist in the transactions made in the platform. Currently, P2PSF is in the middle of their ICO, which began on December 15th 2017. The first phase will end on February 28th 2018, but subsequent phases will continue to run as long as enough funds have been raised. It is good to remember that these tokens aren’t an investment in a company, but a token with utility that will also help grow the P2P ecosystem. The funds that the company and the platform raise during the token sale will go to a variety of things such as marketing, web development, platform development, expanding the team and much more. P2P Solutions Foundation has also received a few impressive ratings from some of the top crypto review sites such as 5.0 on TrackICO, 4.9 on ICOBench and 4.31 on ICO Market Data.

Now that you know a little about the platform and their ICO, let’s look at some of the big features of the platform. Of course, the primary feature that people are excited for about this ICO and platform is the fact it will be a private way to share information. Without dealing with a third party or even an administrator, they can ensure all interactions and transactions within the platform are completely, safe, fast and secure. Another important thing to know about P2P is that it could be beneficial for the corporate world as they have a ton of sensitive data that needs to be stored safely. The platform doesn’t have a ton of fancy or unneeded features like many ICOs, it is all about privacy, and takes pride in doing it extremely well. Also, the fact that P2PSF will be on the blockchain will mean it will have a leg up on other services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

A platform like this requires the backing of a solid team to turn it into a reality. Thankfully, that is exactly what P2PSF has. They have an incredibly diverse team that have a strong background who all have the same goal of making this platform great and secure. The team is led by CEO Jameel A. Shariff, a serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous companies and has advanced degrees from across the world.

The rest of the team is made up of a variety of different individuals, many of which have experience working with (and founding) multi-million dollar companies. They have experts in the areas of marketing, security, business development, engineering, finance and more. Decades of experience from the entire team has culminated in this platform, which has the potential to change the world.

As for what the future holds, P2P is planning on starting blockchain integration in May 2018, and by the end of 2018, they will replace the licenses with official tokens that can be used. By March of 2019, P2P will transition al users to the blockchain. So within a year or so, they hope to be nearing the final stages of their development, which means they are quite a bit more further along than many companies who are in their ICOs.

In conclusion, P2PSF is simply the safer and more secure way to send and share private information with others. Traditional methods simply do not have the level of privacy that we should be comfortable with when it comes to sending things like banking data, medical records and other sensitive data you might want to send. Privacy is a huge issue today (as it should be) and platforms like the P2PSF are helping to pave the way for a more secure future.