How Titanium Will Change IT Enterprises

The idea of an interconnected network of computers has been around since the 1960s, however, since then, very little has changed when it comes to the actual infrastructure of the internet. Sure, there are vastly improved and more plentiful servers now than ever before, along with many more users, the fundamental infrastructure itself hasn’t changed for many many decades.

Just like it was and has been for decades, the infrastructure of the internet is fundamentally based on large data centers in each region, which all branch out to smaller centers. Also, these centers are controlled by large companies who might say they have your greatest interest at heart, but that isn’t always accurate.

While eventually innovations such as the creation of virtualization software and virtual machines allowed for much more efficient hosting, still, a few large companies controlled (and still control) a large amount of the power when it comes to IT. Also, with the way things are now, the infrastructure isn’t as secure of safe as it could be. While the internet is fine as it is for most people, it can definitely be improved with the technologies available today, like blockchain.

Blockchain technology is essentially a digitalized and decentralized public ledger that is constantly growing and maturing as more and more people complete “blocks” (recent transactions). These people are working together to make it stronger and better. It also runs on a distributed network of “nodes” (computers that are attached to the network) instead of a central server. The higher number of nodes there are in the chain, the more reliable and secure the technology can be. So instead of a hundred or a thousand computers running on one server and running the risk of a catastrophe if it’s hacked, blockchain technology is decentralized and thus, doesn’t have that issue.

With this blockchain technology and others like it, the future of the internet is decentralized and one company that is looking to be at the forefront of this new world on the internet is Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS). Titanium is a company that is looking to revolutionize the internet and make it more efficient than ever before, while also creating an internet infrastructure that can’t be controlled or destroyed by anyone, and is completely open for everyone.

The world is changing all around us. The biggest hospitality company (AirBnB) has no hotels, the biggest transportation company (Uber) has no vehicles and the biggest retailer (Alibaba) holds no stock. In a sense, Titanium wants to do this for the infrastructure of the internet with their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the Ethereum blockchain platform. They are hoping to usher in the future with a fully integrated and interconnected global network of devices, which is a huge modernization of the way things currently are. It would prevent any large outage or data breach, with the entire network never being able to be harmed or experience a failure, with only select nodes being affected.

In addition to their IaaS service, Titanium is looking to offer a wide range of other services. These include Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Company as a Service (CaaS) and more. These services will allow individuals to create and manage a wide range of services in a way that has never ever been seen before. You can learn more about Titanium’s various different services on their website here.

So as you can see, Titanium has lofty plans and expectations for the future of the internet. And any company with these types of plans must have an amazing team working hard and intelligently to make them a reality, right?

Their team is led by CEO Michael Stollaire who is well versed in this industry. In fact, he also formed EHI in 1999, which is a technology consulting agency (which specialize in infrastructure management for enterprises), which is still thriving under Stollaire. In addition to him, the team features a collective 200+ years of experience in a number of different industries including technology, marketing, security, development and more. EHI is also the sister company to Titanium, which is a great sign as Titanium will inherit the clientele of the trusted and respected EHI.

Titanium is having their ICO in the near future as it begins on January 1st 2018 and will end 60 days from the start date. There is also currently a pre-sale going on as we speak. Their token is known as the BAR and they will be sold at a rate of 300 BAR for 1 ETH, with some bonuses at the start of the sale and during the pre-sale. In total, there will be a maximum of 35 million BAR available, with 60% of the BAR going to the community, 20% to the Titanium team, 10% going to community bounties and 10% allocated for the reserve pool.

In conclusion, it is about time there is a radical change and improvement in IT enterprises, and Titanium wants to be the company to make the change. They are looking to provide a wide variety of different services that will bring the infrastructure of the internet into the 21st century and make it more secure, more efficient and more advanced than ever before.