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CurrenX Aims to make Cryptocurrency Trading Easier and Simpler

The goal at CurrenX is to offer simple low-cost, one-stop trading for all cryptocurrency investors. Anybody will be able to trade almost any cryptocurrency for a flat 0.4% trading fee at CurrenX’s Multi-Currency Exchange – once it is fully operational.

Such an exchange is necessary because it is not possible to trade most cryptocurrencies at many exchanges, the Currenx Whitepaper explained. That means many traders end up opening accounts at several different exchanges and paying several fees.

In many cases, an investor will need to open a new account at a completely different exchange just to be able to buy a particular altcoin. That process can be expensive and cumbersome.

One Stop Shopping for Cryptocurrencies

Using different exchanges increases security risks because an investors’ data can be more exposed to identity theft. Another risk is that there are more accounts for criminals to hack into.

The process of opening a new account can take a long time because of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) laws, and other legal requirements. That means opportunities for making money can be lost because an investor is unable to quickly buy or sell a coin.

The CurrenX Exchange is designed to solve these problems by creating one place where most people can buy most cryptocurrencies quickly and cheaply. Time and effort will be saved because only one registration at one exchange will be required for altcoin investors. Security will be increased because only exchange account will be needed for cryptocurrency trading.

CurrenX Plans to Exchange Access to Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Speculators will not miss opportunities because they are not registered at a particular exchange. Instead, they will have one place to invest in cryptocurrencies. There will be just one exchange, and one fee which will greatly simplify altcoin investment.

This includes the opportunity to invest in initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs). The ICOs are new cryptocurrencies, and many of them are only available at a handful of exchanges. In today’s market, many investors have to sign up at new exchanges just to invest in a particular ICO.

CurrenX can increase access to ICOs because it should be possible to purchase any ERC20 (Ethereum-interface) token through the Multi-Currency Exchange once it is completely up and running. That should increase access to ICO investment opportunities and fundraising sources for blockchain entrepreneurs.

CurrenX wants to build a Better Cryptocurrency Exchange

CurrenX’s Multi-Currency Exchange is designed to be faster than current exchanges. It is supported by an engine capable of sustaining 700,000 transactions a minute.

The first version of the Multi-Currency Exchange is scheduled to be beta-tested with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and CurrenX’s CURX ER20 utility token in July 2018. A full release of CurrenX Exchange 1.0 and Beta-testing of CurrenX 2.0 are scheduled for later in July 2018.

During the beta testing, users will be able to purchase Bitcoin, CURX, and Ethereum with fiat currencies via credit card or bank transfer via a Fiat Gateway. More cryptocurrencies will be added to the exchange after testing is complete.

The full release of CurrenX Exchange 2.0 is scheduled for August 2018. The first two versions of the Exchange are a desktop solution. A CurrenX Mobile Application is scheduled for release in 1st Quarter 2019.

Buy into the Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges with CURX

Holders of the CurrenX utility token (CURX) will be able to profit from the advanced trading, because they will be able to claim a share of fees generated by the blockchain platform.

CurrenX is planning an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) of 121 million CURX tokens in May 2018 at an exchange rate of 8,066 CURX for $600 USD, or one Ethereum (ETH) token. Investors will need to make a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH to participate in the ICO. The ICO will make up 50% of the Total Supply of 242 million CURX tokens.

CurrenX Plans Hardware Wallet

CurrenX will help keep digital assets safe with its CurrenX ECO Hardware Wallet. The ECO Hardware Wallet is a secure storage device designed to keep digital assets totally secure offline. That means users will be able to keep assets completely secure and totally private as long as the ECO is offline.

One advantage of the Hardware Wallet will be to quickly store cryptocurrency purchases outside the cloud. Another benefit will be to quickly access; and sell or trade, altcoins stored offline. The CurrenX ECO Hardware Wallet is scheduled to go on sale in November 2018.

Cutting Edge Cryptocurrencies will Test CurrenX

The CurrenX team has signed up four cutting-edge cryptocurrencies as partners to test its exchange.

These partners are the decentralized cryptocurrency Go Byte (GBX), The Linda Project an effort designed to create an anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency called Linda Coin (LINDA), the BLUE Protocol (BLUE) a cryptocurrency offering two-factor authentication, blacklisting, whitelisting, auto smart contract scanning and more, and the proof-of-stake (POS) cryptocurrency Neutron (NTRN) or Neutron Coin.

The BLUE, GBX, LINDA, and NTRN altcoins should be available for trading on the CurrenX MultiCurrency Exchange in July or August 2018. The plan is for many other cryptocurrencies to join these altcoins on the Multi-Coin Exchange.

Experienced Team is Building CurrenX

The CurrenX Team is led by CEO & CO-Founder James Bauman. Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Adriano Davide has acquired over 10 years of experience of managing enterprise technology solutions. Lead Blockchain Engineer Gawet Sobczak has more than six years of experience in data analysis, database administration and application support.

CurrenX’s advisor Justin Tether has had over six years of experience as a general information technology consultant and three years of experience as an entrepreneur and business manager. Advisor Theron Rodriguez is a cryptocurrency veteran – he has been active in the space since 2013. Rodriguez’s experience includes coin management, mining, trading, and merchandising.

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