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The Fundraising Future is Now With FundCru

There is no doubting that fundraising is a great thing and helps out several worthwhile causes each and every day. However, the traditional way of fundraising (both on and offline) just simply isn’t cutting it anymore as there are several limitations being experienced. Problems include inefficient methods, a huge reliance on donations and the fact […]


Why Blockchain Technology is Safer

When it comes to the technologies and platforms we use for the storage of people’s public information and data, security is the number one issue by a mile. If people are going to give their credit card information or other private details to a company, they expect that information to be kept safe and secure. […]


How Adbank will solve the marketing problems

Trust is a delicate asset in and of itself; a feat that takes a long time to obtain and yet can be easily lost in a short manner of time. In our modern economy, trust enables a globalized world where businesses can interact with one another in good faith and expectation that both parties will […]


North American Regulators Closely Watching ICOs

Initial Coin Offering is an unregulated method of crowdfunding by making use of cryptocurrency. It is the most significant trend happening in cryptocurrency recently and is being in use mostly to fund the creation of new cryptocurrencies. In Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, people offer new units of cryptocurrencies to investors in exchange for bitcoin […]

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